The Concierge Brazil Foundation

The Concierge Brazil Foundation respects and follows the basic principles of the Foundation of the Americas, by agreeing with its ideology and core, so that nothing and nobody will be able to benefit financially and politically on behalf of the Concierge Brazil Foundation. Therefore, The Concierge Brazil Foundation declines any attachment with either issues or representatives of political life, aiming its activities exclusively on social and philanthropic causes. The Concierge Brazil Foundation is in perfect tune with the Concierge association Les Clefs D’Or, regarding ethics and moral principles. The Concierge association will give full support to the Concierge Brazil Foundation, the latter committing itself to guard the seriousness and dignity of the Concierge association, in all its proposals.

Rosane Lucas



The Concierge Brazil Foundation is constituted by a President, a Vice-President and its member Directors, described below:

President – Rosane Lucas

Vice-President – Silvio Gomes

Financial Director – Afonso Silva

General Secretary – Carmen Gonzalez

Associates Director – Edson Ramon


The administration board of the Concierge Brazil Foundation is responsible for promoting events set on raising funds which are then transferred to charity institutions focusing on children who are suffering from some disease or who were victims of some kind of abuse with violence.

Eligibility of Institutions

The Institutions to be assisted by the Concierge Brazil Foundation may be appointed by just anyone, member or not  of the Foundation. However, approval of the inclusion of an appointed institution will take place after visits of members of the Executive Committee to such institution. Those committee members will write their impressions on a detailed report, to be handed to all members of the committee, so that they will discuss the eligibility and approval of such institution.

The Institutions

The Concierge Brazil Foundation does not intend to change the institutions it supports periodically. However, it does intend to include other institutions as it grows and as it is capable of getting more resources. The institutions presently supported by the Concierge Brazil Foundation are:

CACCST – Casa de Apoio à Criança com Câncer de Santa Teresa

(Saint Teresa’s Home in Support of Children Suffering with Cancer)

Rua Santos Rodrigues, 60. Estácio. Rio de Janeiro. CEP: 20520-430

Phone: +55 21 2502-8343

Projeto Uerê

(Uerê Project)

Rua Tancredo Neves s/nº, Quadra 03, Bloco 255 A, Casa 01, Bonsucesso. Rio de Janeiro. Cep: 21043-230

Phone: +55 21 3881-6219 

Fax: +55 21 2553-0026

Lar Beneficente A.M.A.R

Beneficent Home A.M.A.R. (L.O.V.E.)

Rua Bernina (antiga 23), Lote 11, Quadra 82. Parque Paulista. Santa Cruz da Serra. Duque de Caxias. RJ. CEP: 25261-470

Phone: +55 21 2775-3617