Les Clefs d’Or Foundation of the Americas

The Les Clefs d’Or Foundation of the Americas was founded as a tax-exempt, volunteer, non-profit organization for hotel Concierges in the Americas. It was created out of “a desperate need to respond actively and humanely to the suffering of fellow colleagues and their immediate family members who are effected by catastrophic or life threatening illnesses”.  The Foundation is not intended to be a political organization and refrains from any and all endorsement of political candidates or issues.

Faced with increasingly higher numbers of the membership succumbing to the ravages of catastrophic illnesses, a direct and humanistic approach was taken.

The overwhelming majority of people diagnosed with AIDS, cancer and heart disease are eventually forced to subsist on Public Assistance resources such as Social Security and Welfare programs, etc., all of which are far below the federally defined poverty level.  Minimal resources which many of us take for granted on a daily basis become major obstacles and needs when one’s primary source of income is permanently disrupted through illness.

The members of the Les Clefs d’Or Foundation of the Americas firmly believe that Clefs d’Or members as well as all hotel Concierges in the Americas who are facing life-threatening illnesses should not have to face the financial and emotional burdens alone.  The intent of the Foundation is to offer some symbolic support for the Concierge.




For the purposes of clarity, the Foundation shall define catastrophic or life threatening illnesses as any of the following three disorders which result in the employee being unable to resume his or her position of employment within the hotel industry.  Concomitantly, the Foundation shall restrict its giving program to respond specifically and only to the following criteria.

  1. AIDS
  2. Cancer
  3. Heart Disease

*    Other

Members and/or their immediate family members, including significant others, suffering injuries due to major accidents, may also be considered eligible for assistance. But these situations are to be viewed as a lower priority compared to the previously identified criteria.

The diagnosis of the above disorders must be verified in writing by the attending physician, within 6 months before the date of application.


The Foundation’s intended target population is defined as active Concierges and their immediate family members or significant others.  Active Concierge staff are defined as:

  1. Any professional or affiliated staff member having held full concierge status covering at least one year in tenure and having actively worked full time within a hotel in the Americas.
  2. Any professional or affiliated staff member has to have been actively employed within the last six months in a concierge position.

Any professional or social affiliated member of a Les Clefs d’Or section in the Americas who is in good standing is eligible for assistance.

Any Concierge who is a member of a local hotel Concierge association in the above listed countries is also eligible, whether or not that Concierge works in a hotel.

The Foundation shall limit the definition of an immediate family member as a spouse, dependent child or dependent parent.

The Foundation shall limit the definition of significant other to individuals with an affectionate relationship/attachment whether that be legally sanctioned or not.  The Foundation does not restrict the length of time significant others have to have been declared as part of the relationship/couple to be eligible for support.


Concierge staff and or their immediate family members or significant others suffering from catastrophic illnesses are eligible for:

  • Direct cash grants of up to $4,000.00 in any given calendar year.
  • In-Kind donations ranging from airline tickets to limousine services, hotel rooms, etc.”


To insure equity, applications will be reviewed on an as needed basis by a committee of three which consists of two representatives from the country of the applicant and the Board of Director’s Chairperson.

Applicants are required to complete a short application in which the need is clearly stated.

Applicants may receive other emergency funding i.e. local emergency support grants/funds and still be deemed eligible for cash grants, goods and or in-kind services from the Foundation.  High priority is given to applicants stating and verifying acute needs which if not dealt with directly may result in development of greater dysfunction of current situation.


Application is completed by applicants or their designated representative i.e. social worker, significant other, volunteer buddy, etc.

Completed application is forwarded to the regional representative.

Application is reviewed on a competitive basis with other submissions presented by other regional representatives during the bi-annual grant-making meeting.

Applicant is notified within one day of meeting regarding results of the review process.


Because we work with people and not projects every application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The Board will make thoughtful, respectful and responsible decisions based on need.